Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Updates to Messaging

We've added a couple of new options to your Messaging Preferences under your Profile.

  • Always CC to my EMail
  • Always Send from Me

Checking the Always CC EMail option, so long as you have a valid email address also set in your Profile, will send any messages for you via EMail too if you usually receive them via SMS or PushOver. If you already have your Preference set to EMail then this has no additional effect.

This is handy option if you want to keep track of messages sent to you in your EMail as a backup.

Checking the Always Send from Me is only available if you have the rights to Send Messages and will ensure that any messages you send are tagged as being from you as opposed to being sent from the System Default sender.

This is a handy option if you want people to reply to you directly and you keep forgetting to change the "From" option when composing a message.

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