Monday, November 5, 2018

Member's Away

We've added a small but useful feature for when you will be away on holidays or just not available for a known future period.

Members can now set an Away period in their Profile > Schedule Preferences.

If you need to make a commitment to something during the Away period, you still can and this will over-ride the "NA" status for the day(s) you specifically set. Any existing, future commitments already made will be remain in your Schedule. There is an option in your Profile to allow you to clear all commitments that may have already been set during the Away period.

For Administrators, you can also set the Away period for your Members in the Member's Editor.

Member planned Away periods will also appear in the Member pop-up windows so you can easily see when they plan to be unavailable.

Currently only 1 Away period is supported per Member, however this can be updated and reused as needed.

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