Thursday, November 1, 2018

MyEmergencyCrew Server Update (4.2.5)

We've updated the Server to add exclusion filters to both Groups and Members.

Currently, apart from the Global Filters, you may restrict the delivery of Messages to Groups and Users by setting a Filter of allowed words or phrases.

Now you may conversely set a Filter so that the message is not delivered if it contains certain key words or phrases.

This is handy if you want all messages, except for some like "test" messages, to go to a particular group, whilst allowing other groups to send differently.

For example we have set "test" as a low priority phrase in the Global Filters. This means that a message is received with the word "test" contained in it, the priority is set to low. Then we added "test" as an exclusion filter to our main Members Group so that they did not receive the test messages. However we did no exclude "test" fro the admin Group to ensure the admin Members always received the test pager messages.

Get the update here.

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