Friday, October 19, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

We receive a lot of questions regarding our System and Services. Many of these are answered in our FAQ.

Follow the link here for our complete FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most popular Questions are:

Help, I cannot access my Account!

This is our most common question. We only provide support directly to Users with Administrative access to our system. If you are a Member and are having difficulty accessing your Account, please directly contact YOUR OWN BRIGADE ADMINISTRATOR. They have all the necessary tools to assist you getting things sorted. Do not send us a New Brigade Application or use the Contact form in such cases.

Can I use the system for free?

Yes. We provide this service totally free of any charge for Brigades and Units with up to 20 Member Accounts. However some of the add-on services we support, such as SMS and PushOver do charge at their end. We do interface to their services free of additional charges and do not gain anything from them for doing this.

Do I need to pay for more than 20 Member Accounts?

Yes. We offer a very competitive Subscription service that is between 35% to 80% cheaper than other systems available in Australia.

Some say MyEmergencyCrew is complicated. Is it?

It can be if you go into this without a clear idea of what you want to accomplish. There is no right way to use our system and we have attempted to create features that can be used (or not) in many different ways. You may just want a system to manage a contact list of your Members, send messages to them and see their availability. That's dead simple. However if you want to start getting into managing a district with incidents, assets, location tracking, then you need to be prepared to get you head around it technically and logistically. We recommend that you appoint one member who's tech-savvy to be your Administrator or at least someone who understands what you need and then how to set things up to meet those needs.

Why isn't MyEmergencyCrew an app I can download from iTunes or Google Play?

Simple. It doesn't need to be. We designed this system to present a consistent experience and feature-set no matter what device you intend to use it on, from desktops to tablets, all manner of phones and even TVs. Also, we have no desire to let Apple or Google make money from our efforts. So we've opted to stick with a true, native, responsive web "app" and avoid all the hurdles of maintaining multiple versions of the system, app stores and the issues that come with that (which are many). We can turn around feature requests, to all platforms, in a matter of minutes, as opposed to days or weeks if we were to deploy via app stores. Reduced development time equals less cost and this means we can keep the system competitively priced to use. Technically, there is no functionality offered by a native OS App that is not already available in the web (HTML5) space. So there's no technical benefit either.

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